Photo: Rosie Powell Freelance

I make work that is comedic, informative, ridiculous and misleading.

My artistic practice is autobiographic and sits in between comedy and performance art. It is informed by my lived experiences, as well as the award that I received in 2010 at my high school leaver’s assembly for ‘Funniest Girl', which I’ve since had tattooed on my forearm. 


In my work I draw from various sources which document my real life experiences, such as text messages or diary entries. In my practice I work to make the ridiculous appear plausible, often presenting audiences with strange or ridiculous information in the guise of ‘facts’. 


I graduated from Queen Mary University with a degree in Drama in 2016 and have since established a career in the arts, currently working as Arts Producer at Cambridge Junction.


I’ve been making solo work since early 2016, and my first show ‘Ghost Sexxx’ has been performed in various stages of development at Morguefest in Lewisham, Live Art Bistro in Leeds and the Marlborough Theatre in Brighton.


You might also recognise me from the tele, as I’ve got a Pointless trophy from going on that gameshow when I was 18. My proudest achievement in life so far.