Photo: Rosie Powell Freelance

if u like someone nd they dont text u back after u’ve had sex dw cos they must just b a ghost x

Performed and Written by Ema Boswood

Producer: Lee Smith

Lighting & Sound Design: Simon Booth 

Outside Eye: Katy Baird

Consulting Producer: Abby Butcher

Ghost Sexxx is a show about rejection in dating.


The project was made because I was increasingly frustrated by the lack of performance work that I could find or had seen that addressed the issue of so called ‘casual’ rejection, that is when a romantic relationship ends quite quickly or suddenly, and hasn’t had to opportunity to develop deeply enough to be considered something worth getting upset about.


The show works with universal concepts of heartbreak and rejection, with a particular focus on the portrayal of womxn in these scenarios. 

Supported by Theatre in the Mill, Farnham Maltings’ grant scheme ‘no strings attached’ and using public funding by Arts Council England.

The show is touring throughout 2019 - 2020. See tour for more info.


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